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MCT Release driver for Windows Multipoint Server 2011


In partnership with Microsoft as an IHV, MCT made its selected product line compatible with Window Multipoint Server 2011 providing Video over USB solution and released RTM driver.

Taipei, Taiwan -- (May 15, 2011) - Magic Control Technology (MCT), the global patent holder of Video over USB technology, in partner with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) at Microsoft multiuser computing operating system - WINDOW MULTIPOINT SERVER 2011, today announced that the company's driver has approved by MSFT enable support the new Windows Multipoint Server 2011 operating system. MCT Multipoint ‘USB station HUB’ are based on its own Video over USB technology which is designed to bring ultra low-cost computing to education environment as well as SMB and governments.

MCT newly announced Multipoint Workstation (MWS9940) is one of the industry's first Ethernet Zero client virtual workstations designed to function seamlessly with Windows Multipoint Server 2010. MWS9940 connects to the sever via GIGA LAN cable and provides connectivity for a complete workstation, including a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone and two USB port and power adapter. The revolutionary MWS9940 allows multiple users to leverage the resources available in today's most powerful computer systems. MWS9940 support standard displays up to 1600 x 1200, and widescreen displays up to 1680 x 1050. With support for up to 10 clients per host

Never the less, MCT also announced a 3 USB port Ethernet kit - Multipoint Workstation (MWS9943) for the same feature as MWS9940, this kit is providing one extra USB port for Thumb-drive.


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